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About Us

We are the leading graphical designer based in a city, Rohtak, Haryana, India. We have been working in this kind of work since last more than one decade.

What we do ?

We design vacancy forms graphically that is helpful for candidates to apply for a particular job (Govt. OR private).
Our main purpose to do this is, to reduce individual person time and money(if applicable) to design individually for a format of application.

Basically, we design the forms and posts the new vacancies on the site. We get new vacancies from different sources like, some news papers, website and some other sources. We post the job on the site for the candidates so that they don't need to visit the shop every-time they want a form to apply on a particular job application. The candidates can pay the fees for the form online on our site and can get the form downloaded direct on their system. Also we are planning to offer a paid sms subscription service for the candidates. That way, they can register their cell number on the site by paying some charges for one month/3 months/6 month etc. If a user is registered under sms service, they will get a quick info on the cell number whenever the new job will be posted on the job section of the site. Also, we will be provide a premium member functionality to the candidates, so that they can avail offers/discounts on the forms available on the site. The premium members will be able to post their individual details and also they will be able to get a list of available members and their details on request.

For any query please contact us via contact page or through our contact numbers available on the site.

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